The Ballad Series will be shown in a joint exhibit with a selection of paintings from the Johnson Collection by Ashcan painter Eugene Thomason at the Spartanburg Museum of Art, SC.  February 12th- April 19th, 2015.

Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico is now the commercial representation for future works in the ballad series.

On January 20th, 2015 several paintings were selected to accompany the screening of the documentary ‘In Plain Sight’ by the Charlotte Metropolitan Human Trafficking Task Force.

‘Taking traditional Appalachian ballads that originally traveled from the Scottish borders, and setting them in the contemporary South, Julyan’s work shows the strong influence that still affects the region, and how it shares with its Celtic origins what is called ‘a culture of honor’.

His work has been chosen to accompany this screening because this ‘culture of honor’ has a direct impact on how violence can become acceptable to a society, how human beings can become denigrated, and finally objectified as less than human. Julyan’s ballad paintings, now a traveling exhibit touring art museums of the South, are about the damage and loss people can inflict on each other.’