Below are a selection of interiors over the past years. A slideshow is also available on youtube at:


Hallway, Lyon Hall, Demopolis, AL 2017 Oil on canvas 36×38
Blue Chair, Lyon Hall, Demopolis. AL 2017 Oil on canvas 36×38
Abandoned Mansion, Hale County, Alabama 2006
Blue Bedroom, Lyon Hall, Demopolis, AL Oil on canvas 36×38
Webb Mansion, Greensboro, Alabama 2006 (38×36 Oil on canvas)
(Collection Greenville County Museum of Art, SC)
Webb Mansion Interior (2006) Oil on canvas
Apartment Stairwell, Montford Oil on canvas 24×24
Abandoned Canning Factory, Outer Banks Oil on linen 18×20
Derelict Farmhouse, North Carolina Oil on canvas 24×24
Antique Store, Asheville Oil on canvas 30×30
Stairwell, Flea Market 20×18 Oil on canvas
Abandoned Villa, Avery Island, Louisiana Oil on canvas 16×20
Laundromat, Greensboro, Alabama Oil on canvas 12×24
Mr Waffles (derelict diner), North Carolina Oil on canvas 12×24
Nail Salon, Grand Opening, Marion, Alabama Oil on linen 20×24
Staircase, Charleston Oil on canvas
Fish House, Outer Banks Oil on canvas 16×20
Bank Interior, Newbern, Alabama Oil on canvas 24×20
Old Hotel Lobby, Marion, Alabama Oil on canvas 12×16